Among the many benefits of The Curiosity Approach, you can find that one of the most noticeable ones are calmer and more relaxed children. Since one of our rules is to never overload children with information, you can rest assured that they will never be cranky or tired due to mental exertion.

When it comes to the advantages that your child can reap through our approach, there are many, however the most notable ones are:

The Curiosity Approach is one which takes up some key ideas from other proven and highly coveted childcare approaches around the world. These include the Reggio, Te Whariki, Montessori and Steiner approaches.

It is an amalgamation of the best bits of all of theses highly acclaimed approaches. The Creativity Approach brings out the best in all four and coalesces them into one.

  • Beautiful environments
  • Neutral and earthy tones for a more relaxed child
  • Urges creativity
  • Original play items
  • Promotes the desire to learn
  • Bolsters inquisitiveness
  • Bolsters gratitude
  • Promotes learning new things in a holistic manner
  • Nurtures the child’s instinctive abilities
  • Fun learning environment
  • Eager desire to learn
  • Creates opportunities
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Supports singularity