We cater for different ages

At Samsam Childcare Centre we provide summer and holiday clubs for children from the ages of 3 to 6. Our Summer Club starts in mid-June and goes on until the end of September.

At our Summer Club your child will reap the benefits of The Curiosity Approach in a more outdoorsy manner. We provide children with a variety of exercises and activities that will fuel their creativity in a fun and boisterous manner.

Versatile activities

At our Summer Club we provide attendees with a range of versatile activities that are designed to promote learning through play, long lasting friendships and individuality among children. The range of activities that we provide the children with include a range of character building exercises for children and more outings than usual. We also provide attendees with a range of waterplay and water based activities such as water fights, bubble games and watersports.

The Summer Club activities also include a choice of fun and educational science experiments, cooking lessons, competitive games, team building exercises and nature exploration.

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Summer Club benefits

Structured summer holidays

No need to find another summer school

Still employs The Curiosity Approach

Fun activities for children

Educational outings for attendees

Team building activities

Educational experiments

Versatile activities

Character building exercises

Nature exploring for a healthy mind and body

Caters for ages 3 to 6

You won’t pay if you’re on holiday