We at Samsam Childcare Centre aim towards creating a magical and awe-inspiring extension to the home rather than a watered down version of school for your children.

Our number one priority is your child’s wellbeing for the mind, heart and soul. As a childcare centre, we promote a holistic and nurturing approach towards wonder, inquisitiveness and fascination.

The Curiosity Approach is one which takes different parts from a range of early childhood learning accessions such as the Reggio, Te Whariki, Montessori and Steiner approaches. It’s a concoction made up of passion, experience and love - three magical ingredients for a mindful, expressive and colourful childhood.

Our Mosta and Gwardamangia childcare centres where recently refurbished in order to create a more integrated and complete space for infants. The premises are now a hub of creativity where your child can soar in the world of wonder and bewilderment through role playing and other open ended playtime activities.

At Samsam Childcare Centre we take in babies from three months to three years of age. All of our classes are sectioned in three, Babies (3 months to 1 year), Toddlers (1 year to 2 years) and Preschool (2 years to 3 years).

Our new premises are open from early morning till the evening from Mondays to Fridays and till late afternoon on Saturdays.

At our Mosta-based grounds we can hold up to 30 children. At Samsam Childcare Centre in Mosta we hold sections for different age groups including a baby area, preschool area and prekinder section.

At the Gwardamangia centre on the other hand, we hold up to 116 children. The Gwardamangia childcare centre is sectioned into different areas, just like the Mosta one. From a nurturing baby area to the preschool section and a prekinder zone, we also have two outdoor play spaces and an indoor playground.

Our premises are equipped with items that fuel curiosity, fun, laughter, discovery and passion. We believe that in providing a soothing space that does not overload the child’s senses, will lead to having a more tranquil and relaxed child.

At Samsam, we will lay down the foundations that will provide children with all the tools they need for a mindful approach towards life

We at Samsam Childcare Centre do not just provide young ones with a safe, balanced and serene space for them to flourish. We strive towards creating a fulfilling and proactive partnership with each and every parent.

Our aim as a childcare centre is that of offering your children with authentic resources that are made from environmentally friendly and organic materials, as this creates an invitation to learn, play and socialise for each child that visits us.